From reciting poems, singing, drawing and narrating moral stories to his parents to winning prizes during sports events in school, Sudip Das is bubbling with life and energy.

Sudip comes from a family which is stretching to make its needs meet. Living in a small rented house, his father, a rickshaw puller, tries to provide for the family’s survival. Sudip’s father said, “It is difficult to provide for the family, I felt it was impossible to educate to son ever.”

It all changed for Sudip when he was admitted in Nursery in one of the AG Care supported schools and The Cry of India came as a beacon of hope for him and his family. Since then Sudip is supported with provision of school books, uniforms and shoes free of cost. He also receives a nutritious mid-day meal in the school, which is probably one of the best meals he gets to eat during the whole day.

The support that Sudip and his family receives has been life transforming experience for them. The provision of education gives Sudip a chance for a better today and a future of hope and dignity, where he aspires to be a doctor someday.

“I am extremely grateful that my son has got this opportunity to study and grow,” says Sudip’s father.

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