Project Areas

Overview of our projects…

AG Care is engaged in various social endeavors including a child sponsorship program (The Cry of India), a daily feeding program, homes for the orphaned, and a biosand clean water initiative, among others, to serve the needs of the poorest of the poor in Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal and Eastern India.

India is a country known for her rich history and wealth of cultural diversity, beauty and spirit. Sadly, India is also home to some of the poorest people in the world. AG Care is committed to recognising and responding to the suffering of these people in the city of Kolkata and other needy regions of North and East India.

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high Where knowledge is free… Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake. – Rabindranath Tagore


Rs. 900 per month or Rs. 10000 per year can support a Child’s Education.

Cry of India

“India is the youngest nation in the world with more than 50% of India below the age of 18” Despite major efforts in India, the number of  children who are not in school remains high. Gender disparities in education persist, far more girls than boys failing to complete primary school. The education system of India faces a shortage of resources, schools, classrooms and teachers.

Our child care service (The Cry of India) facilitates sponsorship for over 5,000 needy children in 57 schools across East India. These children receive quality education in our schools, a nutritious mid-day meal, and have access to basic health care, giving them an opportunity to rise to their full potential and to pursue a bright future.

In an effort to meet these challenges, AG Care provides education to over 10,000 girls and boys in three different language mediums: English, Hindi, and Bengali. Our education network includes 4 English schools, 10 vernacular schools, 1 vocational school, and 1 junior teacher training college. Our schools are spread across the length and breadth of West Bengal and are located at Kolkata, Haldia, Purulia, Ashokenagar, Bongaon, Guma, Maslandapur, Dum Dum, Keorapukur, Kestopur, Taherpur, and Thakurnagar.


Despite economic growth and self-sufficiency in food grains production, high levels of poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition continue to persist in India. Home to a quarter of all undernourished people worldwide, one in every three malnourished children in the world lives in India. About 50% of all childhood deaths are attributed to malnutrition. People living on the streets of Kolkata endure some of the most severe economic and material hardships in the world. 6 days a week, AG Care provides a nourishing meal to 10,000 children and adults of needy families through 7 access points at Park Street, Bosetala, Bantala, Kantatala, Bamanghatta, Karaidanga, and Bhojerhat, as well as 10 schools in and around Kolkata. Our dedicated catering service cooks more than 1000 kilos of rice every day!


Rs. 1500 can feed 100 people for a day


A filter of Rs. 6000 per filter can provide clean water for a family of five or more for 25 years.

Bio Sand Filter

At least half the population of India lacks access to basic sanitation facilities and well maintained water supply. This creates a very high risk of microbial contamination (bacteria, viruses, amoeba), causing diarrhoea. In India, diarrhoea alone causes more than 1,600 deaths daily. Children weakened by frequent diarrhoea episodes are more vulnerable to malnutrition infections like pneumonia. Diarrhoea and worm infection are two major health conditions that affect school age children impacting their learning abilities. AG Care is committed to combating disease in India by providing clean water to families and children. Through our clean water initiative, 3000 biosand filters have been installed and are being used in 34 villages over Jharkhand and West Bengal, providing safe drinking water and improving life for thousands. Each of these water filters, with little maintenance, can provide clean water for a family of five for 25 years or more.