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From reciting poems, singing, drawing and narrating moral stories to his parents to winning prizes during sports events in school, Sudip Das is bubbling with life and energy.

Sudip comes from a family which is stretching to make its needs meet. Living in a small rented house, his father, a rickshaw puller, tries to provide for the family’s survival. Sudip’s father said, “It is difficult to provide for the family, I felt it was impossible to educate to son ever.” Read more

“Bipasa is moving each day closer to accomplish her dreams.”

“She is a talented singer and dreams to take up singing as her profession when she grows up”, says Bipasa’s mother. Every morning getting ready for school brings a sense of pride and joy for Bipasa. By nature, she is very friendly and enjoys being with her classmates. She is a good learner and her favorite subject is Bengali. Her teachers remark, “She is very attentive in class and enjoys participating in the co-curricular activities of the school.” Read more